Ana Zabalza

Professor of Plant Physiology. Department of Sciences. Public University of Navarre

Agricultural Engineer (Public University of Naverre-UPNA, 1998).
PhD from the Public University of Navarre (2003).
Assistant lecturer (UPNA, 2003-2007). During that period, Ana spent a post-doctoral stay at the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Plant Physiology (Potsdam, Germany).
PhD Assistant Lecturer (UPNA, 2007-2010).
PhD Contracted Lecturer (2010-2021)
Full Professor (2021-)

• Lecturing in biology (Spanish and Basque) and organography, taxonomy and physiology of plants on the Degree in Agrifood Engineering and the Rural Environment. Lecturing in Biology on the new Degrees of Biotechnology, Sciences and Data Science. Ana has been involved in teaching the Natural Environment Teaching Projects of the Primary Education Teaching Degree.
• Lecturing on the Master’s Degree (previously post-graduate and PhD) in subjects related to weed control and abiotic stress, currently “Herbicide Pollution” and “Agricultural-Physiological Factors of Abiotic Stress in Plants” on the Master’s in Environmental Agrobiology Research.
• PhD Dissertation Supervisor: She has supervised 7 PhD dissertations.
• She has 4 five-year lecturing periods recognised.

Her research activity is focused on studying the physiological processes involved in the death of plants treated with amino-acid biosynthesis inhibitor herbicides, with the aim of pinpointing the physiological reasons for the toxicity of those herbicides. The line of research is focused on comparing the physiological processes in weeds resistant to glyphosate and acetolactate synthase inhibitors.

Ana has taken part in 7 national and 1 European projects, and currently co-leads another. She has co-authored 39 articles in journals indexed by the Journal Citation Reports in the Plant Sciences, Agriculture or Agronomy categories, and always in the first tercile, thus far (September 2023). She is a member of the Plant Physiology and Agrobiology research group (further information). Full profile and publications: http://www.researcherid.com/rid/E-6203-2016 and ORCID http://orcid.org/0000-0001-6954-6317

She has 3 six-year research periods recognised.

Since November 2022, she has been Chair of the Spanish Weed Control Society (SEMh) http://semh.net/
University Management: She has been a deputy director and secretary of the Environmental Science Department.
Since September 2017, Ana has been the Entrance Coordinator at the Public University of Navarre.