Germán Monge

Managing Partner of Sustainabe Land Management. IDOM

With a degree in Biological Sciences, specialising in the Environment and Ecosystems from the University of the Basque Country and Genoa University (Italy), Germán, as the Technical Director-Partner, is in charge of the Land Sustainable Management Department at IDOM, Consulting, Engineering, Architecture, S.A.U.

His professional profile combines extensive experience in the problems associated with the characterisation, risk assessment, and managing of clean-up projects of sites with contaminated soils, brownfield regeneration,along with studying industrial plots and ruins, and managing the waste from earth movements. . He has published different articles and taught courses and given conferences on the theme of contaminated soils.

He has over 25 years’ experience leading soil study and decontamination projects, mainly in Europe, South America and the Middle East, applying different physical, chemical and biological technologies. He has managed environmental projects and studies for many public and private customers, including gasworks, fuel storage facilities, landfill, mines and industrial sites, which has provided him with exhaustive knowledge of the different production processes and specific environmental problems associated with those sectors. He has been the technical manager of many benchmark projects, and been actively involved in the development and oversight of many of them.

Germán supervises an international and multidisciplinary team of engineers and researchers. He is also an active member of NICOLE (Network for Industrially Coordinated Sustainable Land Management in Europe), an organisation that was set up in 1996 in the 4th Framework Programme of the European Community.

It is a leading forum in Europe on contaminated soil management, which fosters cooperation between the industrial sector, teaching and research, and the suppliers of environmental services (including auditing, consulting and environmental engineering).