Ion Codescu

Directorate-General Environment Unit Head. European Comission

Since November 2022, Ion Codescu is the head of the land use & management unit in DG ENV of the European Commission. The unit coordinates the efforts to make the EU agriculture greener, to protect forest and soils, as well as waters from the excess pollution from agriculture.

Before that, Ion Codescu led the unit supervising the application of the EU environmental law across the European Union, using a wide range of instruments including enforcement action, EU funds, guidance, and training.

Ion joined the Commission in January 2008 and worked for 3 years monitoring the application of the telecoms market regulations in another directorate general.

Between 1998 and 2008, he worked for the Ministry of Justice in Bucharest, Romania, holding various positions from legal adviser to secretary of state. He oversaw the reforms the Romanian judiciary needed to undertake for the accession to the European Union. In parallel, he was an EU law trainer in the Romanian judicial training institute.

Ion Codescu graduated as a lawyer at the University of Bucharest and holds a master’s degree in European Law from University of Lund, Sweden.