Rodrigo Antón Sobejano

Professor of Edaphology and Agricultural Chemistry. Public University of Navarre

I am an agronomist by training and completed a Master’s degree in Territorial Development and Public Policy (2013) at the Institut Agronomique de la Méditerranée in Montpellier (France). In 2014, I entered the world of research with a research project focused on assessing and improving a sustainable management model for irrigated agriculture in Navarre. In 2021, I defended my thesis at the Public University of Navarre, which focused on the functional evaluation of soils as a support for different agricultural uses in Navarre, and on exploring their potential from the point of view of mitigating and improving the resilience of agrosystems against global change.

Currently, after a post-doctoral stay at INRAE in Orleans (France), I joined the Department of Sciences at the Public University of Navarre as a Lecturer in the area of Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry.

My research focuses on studying the carbon cycle in soils, and on evaluating soil quality and health, based on studying the multifunctionality of agricultural soils, as key to providing different ecosystem services to society.